• Conference Attendance Fund - The Conference Attendance Fund or CAF was established at the International Council Meeting in Kuala Lumpur in 2016. The purpose of the CAF is to award financial support for attendance at a PPSEAWA International Conference.
  • Young Women’s Fund - Founded in the summer of 2007 through seed donations from dedicated members of PPSEAWA Hawaii and the Special Fund balance contribution by PPSEAWA USA. Its purpose is to enable the Association to give financial support to inspiring young women who are willing to carry PPSEAWA’s mission and work into the future, through projects that benefit women and girls living within the area covered by PPSEAWA International. Young woman (18-34 years) who are PPSEAWA members in good standing may apply for funding with a brief recommendation from the applicant’s PPSEAWA NMO President. If selected, the award will be paid to the PPSEAWA Treasurer in the host country of the YWF recipient, for her discretionary use in her proposed project.