Los Angeles Chapter Report

Release Date

The Los Angeles chapter has focused on one project for the last few years. We are sponsoring three “Scholarship Girls” in Litang, Tibet. The Middle School girls are aided by our financial contributions which help pay for their tuition, room, and board. Our meetings include updates on the girls with photographs, videos and letters brought back from Tibet by Kham Aid Foundation coordinator, Dr. Pamela Logan. Most of our meetings are also fundraisers and some include guests. We regularly put together gift bags for the girls with school supplies and fun collections of teen cosmetics and jewelry, magazines and such. We also send letters about ourselves, along with photos. We have also had fundraisers for our scholarship girls.

As our chapter’s contribution to the International Conference, we intend to create a video montage about the influence of the media on girls and women. We are hoping that Dr. Pamela Logan will get video footage of our first group of scholarship girls when she is in China and Tibet. Other clips will be from such older films as “Wizard of Oz” and “National Velvet” as well as newer ones such as “Blue Crush” and “Bend it like Beckham.” Our goal is twofold: to show the positive influence of older girls and women in mentoring younger females and to track the increasing freedom and accomplishments of women and girls as reflected in the media.