Peace report of Japan, September, 2004

Release Date

1. Etsuko Sekiguchi, a member of Japan, attended the World Youth Peace Seminar held in Tokyo on August 5th, 2004. Hearing her report, we were very much impressed by the story of a boy, a refugee, who had escaped from the persecution of a Taliban in Afghanistan. He is now living in Japan but he misses his family and wishes he could attend school everyday just like other Japanese children.

2. Members of PPSEAWA Japan visited the MSF (Medicine Sane Frontiers) Refugee Camp Exhibition held in Tokyo, to experience the life of refugee so that we may learn how to help them more effectively.

In the Exhibition site, shelters, toilets, health clinics and othe facilities were built in the same way as a real Refugee Camp. We experienced how refugees could survive in a difficult circumstance and we could feel and understand their hardships. At the same time we have learned how many medical doctors from all over the world are aiding the refugees as volunteers and experiencing the same hard situation.

We felt that each of us should make efforts to act some to help refugees and try to ease and cease their sufferings in order to obtain World Peace.

3. Members were sharing the scarf printed with Article 9 of Japanese Constitution with other women’s groups.