A Message from the USA President

Release Date

Hurricane Katrina devastated our country’s Gulf Coast on August 29, 2005 leaving thousands of suffering Americans overwhelmed by their losses. Toledo Chapter is hosting the Fall Board Meeting and sponsoring a Toledo PPSEAWA Disaster Relief Benefit & Luncheon on November 5, 2005 to help those affected by tragedy regain a healthy, sustainable way of life. For more information or to make a contribution, call Norma Wells, (419) 841-6777 or E-mail: norwalt [at] accesstoledo.com.

The Annual Meeting held in New York on Friday, May 20, 2005 was well attended. Kudos to the New York Chapter and its members for hosting the meeting. The President of New York Chapter, Casey Bush, held a reception on Thursday night at her home. It was an enjoyable evening of renewing fellowships, good wine, and delicious hors d’oeuvres… plus, the beautiful view of New York from the terrace. Thank you, Casey!
Also, a big “thank you” to Francesca Todd for her time, numerous phone calls, and other efforts put into making the U. N. Luncheon a big success as usual. Fran did a fantastic job coordinating everything and for her wonderful sense of humor as Mistress of Ceremony at the luncheon.

Ms. Gillian Sorensen, Senior Advisor, United Nations Foundation, was the speaker. Ms. Sorensen spoke on the topic, “Defending the United Nations: What Every NGO Should Know.” She said that these are difficult times and the United Nations is a scapegoat. There is a myth that the U. N. is a threat to our sovereignty… when actually, the United Nations enhances our power or authority. The United Nations and its supporters represent the “peacekeepers.” Gillian quoted Madeline Albright as saying, “Even super powers need friends.”
Gillian discussed the banning of chemical weapons and the reducing the sale of arms. She said, it is “ambitious, but not impossible” to provide clean water and health care for the poor. Human rights are a universal birthright. The United Nations is striving to promote healthy prenatal care and family planning, nonviolence for women, educations of girls, etc. Ms. Sorensen thought we should, “demand of our leaders support for these issues and keep the faith with our founders.”

I would like to recognize immediate Past President, Helen Chong, for her dedication and service given during her office. Helen is a great asset to our organization. The Nominating Committee performed their difficult task in filling the positions on the board headed by Anita Yamada, Chair, Frances DeLamater, Co-Chair, and the rest of the committee which included Seiko Ichida, Dixie Riley, and Shirani Stanislaus.

Welcome…our newly elected officers for 2005-2007

  • President: Virginia “Ginney” Schlicher
  • First Vice President: Lillian Jasko
  • Vice Presidents: Gloria Baez, Frances DeLamater, Roseann Levy, Ann Norman, Shirani Stanislaus
  • Secretary: Kathy Adler
  • Treasurer: Judy Grodin
  • Nominating Committee: Ann Aurelius (Chair), Teresa Hintzke, Janet Nixon

As your new President, I hope to continue to increase our awareness of the status of women and children. May our endeavors focus on their needs and problems in ways that will further their education and skills and promote the welfare of families…especially those living in conflict or trauma.

The December 26, 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean–affecting our sisters in Indonesia, India, Thailand, and Sri Lanka–was certainly a most tragic event. The loss of lives, livelihood, land and even of hope in the days following brought about a great outpouring of financial aid on the part of people everywhere. What has already been given to tsunami victims by PPSEAWA chapters and individuals has been well appreciated. Restoring life to normal, however, is a long journey for the people and their countries.