Minutes of PPSEAWA-USA Annual Membership Meeting, May 20, 2005

Release Date

Treasurer’s Report

Roseann Levy summarized cash activity for the period of 5/1/04 to 4/30/05. Cash on hand is $6,642. The Education Funds balance is $5,696 and the Conference Fund has $1,782.


Sharon Vass reported a breakdown of membership by each chapter. Our total is 254.


Newsletter - Bettie Landauer-Menchik will continue as editor.
Brochure - Ann Norman will redesign the PPSEAWA brochure. She has been in contact with “Design Matters,” a school group from the Art Center in Pasadena, CA who will do the job for free as an NGO project.

Education/Scholarship Fund

Teresa Hintzke reported on the two recipients (see report elsewhere).

Old Business

Helen Chong reported that at the May 2004 meeting, we had a $1000 tax return bill from the accounting firm which is $2200 now. The bill used to be paid by Shirley Munyan, but now we have to pay it ourselves. Roseann Levy recommended that we change to a different firm that would charge a fee of only $150. A motion was passed that chapters do not have to reimburse PPSEAWA-USA for putting out the money to pay the bills.