Report from Fiji

Release Date

Saturday, 11th September, 2004:

We organised a PPSEAWA Day to precede the World Peace Day. On this day, PPSEAWA Fiji was able to invite members of the various communities in Fiji to show them what PPSEAWA is all about and we also used this opportunity to have a membership drive. Photographs and posters donned the walls of the venue to advertise PPSEAWA.

Three members who attended the Singapore Conference reported on the various aspects of the conference and the rest of the delegates performed their cultural item and also sang the ‘Peace Song’.

Our International President, Dr. Viopapa Annandale sent a message of encouragement and her wishes for the success of the day. The programme proper ended after the planned two hours but an informal gathering continued for another two hours as pioneer members of Fiji PPSEAWA wanted to stay on and reminisced about their PPSEAWA days thereafter pledging their renewed commitments to PPSEAWA.

Tuesday, 21st Sptember, 2004:

1. PPSEAWA Peace Statement:

On the morning of the World Peace Day, September 21st, Vice President, Ravesi Johnston and Fiji Chapter President Mere Tuikoro presented the PPSEAWA Peace Statement to the office of the Prime Minister of Fiji. Later, the statement will be sent to the offices of the Minister for Women, Minister for Reconciliation and Unity, Minister for Education, UNIFEM Pacific, UNICEF Pacific, UNDP Regional, UNESCO Regional, National Council of Women, Ecumenical Research and Education, Pacific Theological College and Fiji Girl Guides Association.

2. Peace Vigil:

PPSEAWA Fiji has been part of the Co-ordinating Committee on ‘Women Peace and Secuity’ and was therefore part of the team that participated in the Peace Vigil held to celebrate the World Peace Day. The Minister for Women, UNIFEM Regional Representative, FemLink Pacific Director and Executive members of religious groups were among those in attendance as well as representatives of women organizations. PPSEAWA Vice President Ravesi Johnston led the lighting of the peace candle and later PPSEAWA Fiji President, Mere Tuikoro, read the PPSEAWA Peace Statement. It was indeed a solemn occasion as women participants also took turns to vocalised their personal as well as their organisation’s reflections on Peace.