Los Angeles Chapter Report

Release Date

The Los Angeles chapter currently has 13 members. Shirani is now a co-president and the treasurer! We are continuing with our scholarship program for two middle school students in Litang. We receive letters from them periodically with an English translation. They are very grateful to us for supporting them through middle school. Dr. Pamela Logan visits them often and reports to us on their progress.

Since we met our goals for the scholarships for the Tibetan girls for 2005, we decided to have a fund raiser for our Sri Lankan chapter. Ann Lao, our newest member spearheaded a fund-raiser by herself among her co-workers and raised $850 of which there was a single donation of $420 for an industrial swing machine. These funds were sent to Sri Lanka on October 19th. We are happy to report that with the contributions from Los Angeles and Toledo chapters, our Sri Lankan chapter members were able to purchase 5 new sewing machines from Singer Sewing Company.