Events hosted by PPSEAWA International Country members to commemorate the United Nations International Day of Peace

21 September 2008
Release Date

Cook Islands

We commemorated Peace Day on the 18th at our Peace School, Takitumu Primary School, with the Students and our school Peace Ambassadors presenting the programme of song and dance. Other schools throughout the Cook Islands prepared their own programmes. On the small island of Mitiaro the school invited the “over 70’s” to a feast and to participate with the students in various activities thus linking two generations and acknowledging the older generation and all they have given. Churches incorporated the theme of peace into their Services. And in Parliament, Ministers were reminded to be peaceful in their debates thus creating a productive parliamentary session. Peace readings were shown on television each night and good media coverage of all events were shown on television and in the newspapers.


A full day workshop on Peace Education for all PPSEAWA members and Peace Garden Partners (8 women NGOs) was facilitated by the Pacific Foundation for the Development of Women (PACFAW). The Director of the UNDP Pacific Center opened the workshop. The message from PPSEAWA’s Ambassador for Peace was read by President Mais Toganivalu-Clerke. The theme of the workshop was “Peace begins with me” PPSEAWA members joined in a Peace demonstration With other women identifying as “Concerned Mothers”. We gathered at the Peace Garden to stand in solidarity & sign our petiion to the President of Fiji and the Interim Prime Minister appealing to leaders of our nation to return Fiji to legitimate parliamentary rule & prepare for the election in March 2009. We shared peace messages and read out the virtue of peacefulness.


President Kazuko Kano reports that PPSEAWA held a meeting to commemorate Peace Day. Mrs Machiko Yangagishita has been appointed as Japan’s Peace Ambassador. Yukiko Inoue Backes reports that the Kansai Chapter Commemorated Peace Day by circulating a special peace Message from Chinatsu Takahashi who is 97 and Remembers how hard life was living through war time. Chinatsu believes only those who have experienced war can understand and tell how peace is precious.

New Zealand

Jenny Kendall co-incided Peace Day with the official launch of the project to provide wraparound garments for patients to wear in hospital.

Republic of China

Yi Fen Wang, President of ROC tells us that Peace Day is the 9th anniversary of the 921 castrophic earthquakes. Killing 2500 and injuring 60,000. ROC are wishing the 921 Peace Day activities will bring courage, love, compassion & comfort, especially for those who are still suffering. Last week Sinlaku typhoon hit central & south of Taiwan causing land slides. Fortunately our members are safe.