Los Angeles Chapter Report

Release Date

At a June meeting, we wrote letters to all Congressmen and Senators urging them to support legislation to establish a Cabinet level Department of Peace; we have had no response to our requests so far. Shirani secured donations from two of her friends and we were able to meet our goal to sponsor the two girls in Tibet during 2007 and the first half of 2008. The tuition fees for 2008 have risen to $1200 for a year. Pamela Logan has informed us that the girls we sponsor are doing Ok despite the problems in that country. We hope we will be able to continue supporting them with tuition fees for the next few years.

Our chapter in Sri Lanka sent tablecloths, table runners, cushion covers, and children’s dresses made by the recipients of sewing machines in Sri Lanka. They were displayed at the 3rd Street Santa Monica Promenade, an annual outdoor event sponsored by the Sri Lanka foundation in LA. Although many items were not sold on that day, we hope to sell them all at our meetings in the coming months. We hope to increase our membership by asking all members to bring a friend to the next meeting. This also allows us to continue with our support for the two girls in Tibet. We are planning a new project locally.