2016 Peace Day Observance in PPSEAWA Fiji

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There were two separate venues for the 2016 Peace Day Observance in Fiji.

1. PPSEAWA Fiji Suva branch:

A candle-lit afternoon tea was held with thanksgiving prayers for the achievement of peace within the families in the 2 settlements that PPSEAWA Fiji has been involved in. Projects in these settlements aimed ultimately to promote an environment of peace within the family unit which in turn can have some influence on the communities they live in. Monthly visitations to the 2 settlements were planned for 2017.

Lovoni Road Squatter Settlement

The women of this community were taught the various techniques of backyard gardening for vegetables using pots, split bamboos, sacks, and all kinds of recycled containers. This was a successful venture which brought savings of much needed cash for the family and brought some degree of satisfaction and peace of mind within the family unit.

Nadera HART Village

A low income settlement where women were taught sewing of their children’s school uniforms - how to choose the appropriate fabric, pattern drafting and actual sewing of school uniforms. This venture eventually enabled parents to save cash which contributed to harmonious and peaceful family existence.

2. PPSEAWA Fiji Western branch:

PPSEAWA women in Nadi and Lautoka decided to spend a good portion of the day with Ms. Yadraca, a woman who is a stroke victim, is diabetic and is bed-ridden. The women took much needed items of food, clothing and beddings and spent time chatting with her and making her comfortable. Prayers were offered for her comfort and recovery and for peace within.

Realising the dire need for basic requirements for comfort and peace in Mrs. Yadraca’s home, PPSEAWA women decided to raise funds for a wheel chair for Ms. Yadraca and also to make monthly visits to her and to other women in similar condiitons.