Peace Ambassador's Report on Peace Day Observances 2018

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“Peace is giving up the love of power for the power of love.” (Virtues of Peacefulness)

The UN Peace Day theme for 2018 was “The Right to Peace - The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 70”. The theme reviewed the Human Rights Declaration at its 70th anniversary and advocated we explore “”The Rights to Peace.” Everybody has the right to live peaceful lives. Members were urged to spend the day talking about communities or families who have had their rights as human beings removed either lawfully or forcefully. Members could spend the day with displaced people - individuals, families, or communities who have had their rights as human beings removed through government policy, or through discrimination by the communities they live in. PPSEAWA members could encourage and challenge them with messages of peacefulness and to help uplift their stations in life. The reports received from Fiji, Japan, Malaysia and USA were encouraging as they showed support for underprivileged people residing close to PPSEAWA members.

It is important that all PPSEAWA members are aware of what each member country is doing which will help us expand our horizons and hopefully learn from each other to become effective instruments of peace.

The world does not need more successful people

The world desperately needs

More Peacemakers and Healers

Restorers and Storytellers

And Lovers of all Kinds (Dalai Lama)

May Peace be with you all

Ravesi Johnston, Peace Ambassador 2016-2019