PPSEAWA Thailand Celebrates Peace Day 2019

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The Peace Project Committee of PPSEAWA Thailand holds annual awareness activities to share the meaning of PEACE.

The Peace Project Committee visited two schools on September 6 and December 3: Sainampeung School for Girls for 380 girls in Grade 9 in Bangkok and Piboonsawadee Municipal School in Phuket for 350 children in grades 4-8.

At the school in Phuket, Chavali Pamela Osathanugrah, President of PPSEAWA Thailand, along with the Chairperson of UN Committee Amarawan Panpinij and the Chairperson of Peace Project Ratipan Panpinij, shared the meaning of “peace” with the youth. “Climate Action for Peace” is the theme for this year, so they spoke about understanding climate factors, actions one can take to reduce climate risks, respect for migrants, and abstaining the use of violence which can lead to conflict. There were also Peace Q&A sessions and displays of roll-ups with information about PPSEAWA Thailand’s history, messages from The Secretary-General of the United Nations Mr. Antonio Guterres on the “Climate Action for Peace” theme and more.

The students participated in the Talent Show with skits showcasing their talents in singing, dancing, reading poetry, and acting to illustrate their own understanding of Peace. The talent show was followed by the white doves folding activity. The white dove is the symbol of peace. The students were given paper to draw and write down the meaning of peace and the messages they have received from seeing all the shows performed by their friends on the white doves, which were then placed in the school garden.

Specially made peace t-shirts were given to all students and teachers who attended the activity. Peace canvas bags were given to all as well to help reinforce the use of eco-friendly materials to help save the climate.